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от 21 February 2017

The demolition of five-story building will cost the Moscow budget 2.5–3 trillion rubles

21 February 2017

The Moscow authorities will launch a new program to demolish five-story building. A bucket will go home with a total area of 25 million square metres, which are home to 1.6 million people. This was announced on Tuesday, February 21, at the meeting of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

Sobyanin said that the city was 25 million sq. m. «uncomfortable, by and large the old housing,» which in 10-20 years will be a disaster. According to Putin, Muscovites expect that these houses are demolished, new housing will be built, and it «is the most correct decision.»

Sobyanin said that «the project requires huge financial resources», but Moscow’s budget is stable enough, and the opportunities the city has. In early February, at a meeting of the Council of municipalities of the head of construction Marat Khusnullin said that the project to demolish five-story building «practically impossible». No launch sites for the construction of new houses, the residents absolutely do not want to move from old apartments, and in addition, a new wave of demolition five-story building will require «substantial resources», said Khusnullin. It is, according to the head of construction, will cost more to transport the program, which is a year spent not less than 300 billion rubles.

Demolition of that much housing can cost 30-40 billion rubles, said the Director of sales Ledger «Grenelle» Rustam Arslanov. «The program for the resettlement of 25 million citizens would cost 2,5-3 trillion rubles,» said Arslanov.

CEO Key Capital Sergey kamluk believes that the demolition of such a volume of five-story building will cost not less 166.7 billion rubles for resettlement will have to build at least 50 million sq. m. excluding landscaping and social infrastructure this will cost about 2.5 trillion rubles.

The Deputy of Moscow city Council Andrey Klychkov believes that the budget for the demolition of this amount of housing is not enough, you will have to attract private investment. But, he said, to relocate residents from five-storey buildings of the Metropolitan government until the election of mayor in 2018 will not, so as not to enrage potential voters.

Meaningless repair

Mass construction of five-storey buildings was held in Moscow from mid-fifties to 1972. In houses of brick or concrete panels were low ceilings, small kitchens, poor noise insulation, no elevators and chutes, attics and basements are normal. Cheap and quick housing was built to massively move into separate apartments of people who lived in communal barracks.


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