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от 06 February 2017

Stroicomplex construction plans for 2017

06 February 2017

Moscow’s Urban Development and Construction Complex has ambitious plans for 2017, including the construction of schools and hospitals, the demolition of obsolete five-story residential blocks, the opening of Zaryadye Park and the completion of large stadium renovation projects.

Social infrastructure

One of the key priorities for the Urban Development and Construction Complex (Stroicomplex) is to make the city more comfortable for people. This includes new roads and housing and social infrastructure, including schools, preschools, hospitals and outpatient clinics. Plans for 2017 provide for building 45 schools, 25 healthcare facilities and one social services centre. These projects are being implemented under the Targeted Investment Programme and within public-private partnerships between the city and private investors.

The three-year plan provides for building 70 preschools, over 75 schools, some 80 buildings for outpatient clinics and hospitals and about a dozen cultural facilities. The largest projects are the new Zaryadye Park and the Dream Island amusement park, which will open to the public in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Transit system

Another priority for Stroicomplex is to increase the public transit capacity of city streets and motorways. This year, the agency will build 103 kilometres of roads and 25 structures, including bridges, overpasses and tunnels.

The main projects in this area include the completion of the seventh stage of the North-West Expressway and modernisation of the interchange between Profsoyuznaya Street and the MKAD ring road. Work on the Southern Expressway is proceeding ahead of schedule: the connecting road between Balaklavsky Prospekt and Proletarsky Prospekt will be completed in 2017. Two parts of the North-East Expressway – between Izmailovskoye Motorway and Shchyolkovskoye Motorway, and between Shosse Entuziastov and Izmailovskoye Motorway – will be completed by the end of 2017. The reconstruction of Kaluzhskoye Motorway within the boundaries of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas will continue.

Stroicomplex hopes to accelerate its operation by using advanced technologies. In particular, the city’s road network will increase by 350 kilometres and 30 new metro stations will open from 2017 through 2019. The integration of the Moscow Central Circle line with commuter lines will be enhanced with the construction of interchanges from Verkhniye Kotly station to the Pavelets railway line, from Nizhegorodskaya station to the Gorkovskaya railway line and from Novokhokhlovskaya station to the Kursk railway line.

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