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от 14 November 2016

Custom EasyGate pedestals match Zaha Hadid’s Moscow building design

14 November 2016

Custom-designed EasyGate pedestals from Centaman Entrance Control have been installed at a seven-storey office building in Moscow to create a secure perimeter in the reception area. Designed by London-based architecture practice Zaha Hadid Architects to provide offices for startup companies in the city’s growing IT and creative sectors, the Dominion Office Building features a striking design with offset floor plates and a dramatic black-and-white atrium.

Key design highlights of the 36-metre-tall building include unevenly stacked white floor slabs creating irregular protrusions; joins between the sections of the floor slabs and in the glazing that wraps each floor forming a grid pattern across the facade; staircases with white balustrades and shiny black treads diagonally crisscrossing an atrium in the centre of the building; and curving balconies overlooking the void from each floor.

The building needed a unique entrance control solution to match the dramatic design of the building. It was important to create a secure perimeter at the reception point to ensure access was limited to the staff working in the building and their guests.

EasyGate SG pedestals custom-designed to match the dramatic interior were installed on four lanes in the reception area. Fixed in a ‘step configuration’, the EasyGate pedestals feature a customised housing to match the building’s monochrome appearance, with the ends matching the flow of the building by appearing to blend into the floor design. The pedestals have a black stainless steel and black Corian construction.

Key features of Centurion EasyGate SG include waist height glass barriers working in conjunction with state-of-the-art optical technology to provide a high throughput security gate; bi-directional glass barriers working in a ‘normally closed’ mode and designed to open after a valid card has been presented to allow the authorised user to pass; barriers designed to close quickly behind the authorised person to deter tailgaters; IR sensors monitoring the lane to detect unauthorised entry and ensuring the safety of users; and ‘swing barrier’ design allowing the same slim pedestal to be used for both standard width and wheelchair width lanes alike, making it ideal for installation in areas with space constraints.

These turnstiles offer unrivalled processing speeds coupled with an aesthetic design that sits comfortably in a building designed to put everything on display. Michael Bystram, Entrance Control Manager at Centaman adds that the ability of their designers to match the architect’s vison gave EasyGate a clear advantage in this project.



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