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от 21 March 2017

Russian Open with Adriaan Geuze & Eugene Asse

21 March 2017

How is public space developing in Russia? Renowned Dutch and Russian architects highlight special projects.

What’s happening within the field of architecture In Russia, now the rigid soviet planning system slowly is giving way to more participatory models? With public space becoming a topic of public discussion and a meaningful tool in creating more lively cities, we take a look at important architectural projects involving the development of (semi) public spaces. A delegation of local architects will put the current need for open spaces into context, explaining how Russian cities are changing. At the same time, Dutch architects are also involved in creating public areas in Russia that bring together residents, meeting spaces, apartments and recreation. How are they implementing their skills in today’s Russia and how is their knowledge being valued? What can we learn from ‘Urbanism’ as a widely accepted model to improve local neighbourhoods?


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