Nizhniye Mnevniki and Terekhovo Metro Stations
Architectural and Design Competition for Moscow Metro Stations Nizhniye Mnevniki and Terekhovo
Dates:07.10.2015 – 01.02.2016
The competition has finished
Nizhniye Mnevniki and Terekhovo Metro Stations
OrganizerDepartment of Urban Development and Construction
Consultant KB Strelka
Type of competitionOpen, two stage
Jury:14 persons
  • Sergei KuznetsovChief Architect of Moscow, Chairman of the Architectural Board of Moscow
  • Alexander RyabskyArchitect, partner in the architectural firm FAS(t)
  • Alexander SeslavinskyDeputy Head — Chief of Metro construction Department Moscow Metropolitan
  • Alexander VigdorovArchitect, Mospromproyekt
  • Andrey BochkarevHead of Moscow Department of Construction
  • Anna MerkulovaFirst Deputy Director General, project director, Mosinzhproyekt
  • Dmitry OvcharovFounder of the architectural firm Nefa Architects
  • Grigory RevzinArchitecture reviewer and publicist
  • Marcelo SanzProject coordinator at Bustren PM
  • Mikhail SolntsevDirector of MosgortransNIIproyekt
  • Nikolai ShumakovPresident of The Union of Moscow Architects
  • Nikolay LyzlovVice-president of the Union of Moscow architects
  • Vasily TsereteliExecutive Director of Moscow Museum of Modern Art
  • Yuly BorisovGeneral Director of the architectural firm UNK project


The object of the competition is the development of Architectural and Design concepts for the passenger zones at the Moscow Metropolitan stations of Nizhniye Mnevniki and Terekhovo in correspondence with the requirements to be indicated in the Competition brief.


The aim of the Competition is to create the unique image of stations Nizhniye Mnevniki and Terekhovo. The creators of the best Architectural and Design concepts will to be involved to process of development of the architectural part of the project documentation during the further realization of the project.


Participation is open to Architects and Designers with experience in design documentation for the interiors of multifunctional public spaces.


The Competition is held in two stages. During the First Stage, the Competitors submit Applications, from which the Jury will select ten Participants for the Second Stage of the Competition. Those Competitors who are admitted to the Second Stage will complete the preparation of their Architectural and Artistic concepts, based upon which Winners will then be selected.


Each of ten participants chosen after First Stage Jury Meeting will get a refund 318 750 rubles (including VAT).


Exclusive rights to Architectural and Artistic concepts belong to the Participants and are not automatically obtained by the Client as part of the Competition procedure. The client receives the publication rights for the Architectural and Artistic concepts.


All the applicants registered on the website get the access to the Competition documentation both in Russian and English. At the first stage of the Competition sketches may be submitted in English or Russian. At the Second Stage Competition proposals should be submitted by Participants only in Russian.

The first stage

On November 18 were determined the finalists.

During an initial screening was received 121 applications from Russian and Foreign companies from 16 countries. It is 1.5 times more than in the last year, when was the first contest of stations design “Solntsevo” and “Novoperedelkino”.

The finalists are:

By station “Nizhniye Mnevniki”:

  • Architectural Bureau T. Bashkaeva (Russia),
  • Sneezhkin Georgiy Sergeevich (Russia),
  • Architectural Bureau Practice (Russia),
  • BuroMoscow (Russia),
  • Neznamov Alexander Viktorovich (Russia),
  • Traian Bompa (France).

By station “Terekhovo”:

  • Architectural Bureau Gerber Architekten International (Germany),
  • Evgeny Alexandrovich Volkov (Russia),
  • Architectural Bureau Variant Studio (Latvia),
  • Alexander Mergold (USA).

At the next stage, the participants should finish their projects and present them to the jury, which will select the best concept design for each station. Each of the two winners, whose names will be announced in February next year, will have the right to sign a contract with the planner on the use of their architectural decisions in the design of subway stations.


On January 28, the Jury session summarized the results of the Architectural and Design Competition for Moscow metro stations Nizhniye Mnevniki and Terekhovo.

The following performers were selected as winners:

NIZHNIYE MNEVNIKI — Timur Bashkaev Architectural bureau

he concept for «Nizhniye Mnevniki», developed by the Bureau of Timur Bashkaev, proposed to beat a modern design scheme with new spatial solution, which until now hasn’t been applied in any of the capital’s stations.

Escalators are located inside the space station, as if in a single atrium, connecting cash halls with the platform. They emphasize two bright red «rear objects» that connect the structural elements. The number of escalators at the coastal station device increases.

Innovative space solutions of «Nizhniye Mnevniki» are emphasized by the unusual appearance of the station, in furnish of which the architects are refusing, leaving the texture of the concrete.

TEREKHOVO — Buromoscow

The theme for the station «Terehovo» initially born as a solution for «Nizhniye Mnevniki», referring to the adjacent Parliamentary complex. «People like the pillars of a democracy» appeared on the columns in the form of silhouettes drawn with the help of reflective paints. Subsequently, the solution was projected on the station «Terehovo». Ground lobbies represent huge portals floating inside the letter «M» which read well from a distance. The underground space through the use of white concrete and recessed lighting becomes bright, and filled with air like a light fog. The image, according to the architects, refers to the shape of the «Elektrozavodskaya» and «Babushkinskaya» with large bright spaces, where the passenger is a key element. With the Soviet metro design «Terehovo» utilize elements such as handrails and benches, finished with the familiar light oak.

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