Perspective-2014 Competition winners announced

08 December 2014

A public presentation of projects participating in the 10th young architects Perspective-2014 competition, an open architectural contest for the development concept of the capital’s central squares as recreational zones, took place in the Central House of Architect. The event was organized by the Union of Moscow Architects with the support of the Moscow City Government, the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow and NIiPI Genplana, the R&D Institute of the Moscow General Development Plan. Humanization of the city spaces was selected as the theme for the contest.


The competition, held in two stages, attracted young architects and students from Moscow as well as other regions. In the first stage the participants did their research, attended lectures of famous urban planners and took part in workshops and panel discussions. For the second stage the expert commission selected 35 projects to be presented by their authors.

The Jury presided by Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow, selected the winning projects in two categories:

  • Individual work (a project created without the help of a curator)
  • Team work (the project whose authors were assisted by a curator)

The main criteria for the selection were a strategic urban approach including solutions to transport and redevelopment problems, integrity and depth of the project as well as novelty, originality and feasibility of the offered solutions.

проект «Москва 24»

Due to certain shortcomings of the nominated projects the Jury has decided not to award the first prize for individual work. The second prize, consisting of 100 000 rubles and commemorative tokens for each team, was awarded to two teams at once:

  • Young architects D. Khokhlov and A. Veretelnikov for the development concept of public spaces including Lubyanka Square, Novaya Square, Staraya Square and Ilinsky Square.
  • Olga Mikhalyova for the “Pedestrian River” project.

The first prize for team work, consisting of 150 000 rubles, was awarded to Groshevaya Olga, Vinogradova Kristina, Berkut Evgenia, Antonov Alexander, Kazachenko Alexander, Bargesyan Lucine, Maruschak Anna, Sheiner Alya, Sidorenko Xenia, Bakaldina Anastasia, Maul Alina and Nevzorov Alexey (curator), for the project “The Center of Moscow: Cycling City for Tourists”. The second prize, consisting of 100 000 rubles, went to young architect Maria Tuchina and curator Oskar Mamleev for the project “Landscape and River. Riverwalks, waterfront and green spaces (Bauman University Bridge)”.

The Jury also gave special mentions to several projects for the most original idea, best research, best presentation, best redevelopment concept etc.


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