Werner Sobek will build a new bus terminal in Moscow

19 January 2017
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In place of a 3-storey building of the bus terminal at 75 Shchelkovskoye highway (Eastern Administrative District, Golyanovo), a modern multipurpose complex by the internationally renowned architectural firm Werner Sobek will be built, where the bus terminal service will be combined with shopping and entertainment.

The Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow harmonized the draft project of the multi-functional center with a bus terminal at the intersection of the Shchelkovskoye highway and Uralskaya street, as part of the TPU «Shchelkovskiy». It was built on the site of the old bus station from the 1970s. The total MFC area is 137,775 square meters, including the surface area — 77,684 sq.m.

«Shchelkovskoye bus station built in the late 1970s, for long time was virtually the only full-fledged bus station in the capital, but it is now morally and technically outdated. The new multifunctional complex, which will be integrated into the bus station, can accommodate up to 15 thousand passengers a day, about 1,000 people in peak hours, with an average of about 1 615 trips,» says the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

The complex will have six aboveground (+ utility level) and five underground floors. Passenger services will be provided on the 1st and 6th floors, connected with four elevators. The ground floor will house the ticket hall, a storage and an information desk. The sixth floor will have lounges, cafes, and an additional storage area.

Retail areas will occupy floors 2 to 4. At the 5th floor there will be a movie theater with 500 seats and a cafeteria area. On the 6th floor, among other things, there will be offices and a canteen for the staff. On Level −1 there will be retail space, including a supermarket; on Level −2 — utility premises, on Levels from −3 to −5 — a parking lot for 955 cars.
The building will have an impressive see-through shell with a wave-like surface. The façade above the main entrance overlooking the intercrossing of Schelkovskoye highway and Uralskaya street will be decorated with giant console covering the building full-height.

Designers: Werner Sobek Moscow, LLC and Kievskaya Ploshchad, LLC. Commissioner — Expo Stend Montazh, LLC.


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