Unique “Park Glass Cover” will be Constructed in Zaryadye

13 July 2016

The Chief Architect of Moscow and Head of the authoring team of designers of Zaryadye Park, Sergey Kuznetsov, told that the experts of V.A. Kucherenko Central Scientific Research Institute for Building Structures (CNIISK) have performed check calculations of the “Glass Cover” designed for the park.

Sergey Kuznetsov said, ‘CNIISK experts conducted tests in the wind tunnel and obtained experimental data on the distribution of the average and peak pressure on the lower and upper surface of the glass cover, as well as calculated the distribution of precipitation. Additional supports will be made in the places with the greatest load, which won’t affect the general appearance and architectural concept of the glass cover, as provided for by the competitive design.

In addition to this, in the course of this research wind patterns were measured, and on the basis of these findings the comfort level of pedestrian areas was assessed.

The Chief Architect also noted, ‘By the time of Zaryadye Park opening (Mayor Sergey Sobyanin gave us a task to complete its construction by September next year), Muscovites will see a truly unique and unusual construction. Basically, long span structures like this are used in the construction of stadiums, arenas, airports, but such glass constructions have never been built over a park, it’s a unique case. I think this innovative public facility will become a good example for creating public spaces in cities with adverse climate.’

Zaryadye “Glass Cover” is a large span construction, which has no analogues in the world. It covers the hill, under which the Philharmonic Hall is located. There are no enclosing walls, only at the east side, where it is connected with the facade of the Philharmonic Hall. This cover is needed to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round and grow various plants in all seasons. A new viewing platform overlooking the center of Moscow will be constructed; the view from there will be interesting and unusual for Muscovites.

Images: MKA


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