Troitskiy and Novomoskovskiy Administrative Districts Will Have a Senior Living Facility

02 April 2018

A new assisted living home for seniors with a total area of about 8 thousand square meters will be built near Pokrovskoe in Novaya Moskva, said the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

"As previously mentioned by Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, an efficient social infrastructure is being created for the development of the T&NAD." In addition to hospitals, schools and daycare facilities, boarding homes are being built to help older people who need social and psychological support, as well as medical care. 150 people can live here," - said Sergey Kuznetsov.

The senior home will be built at: Voronovskoye, near Pokrovskoe. The building will consist of three main blocks with a varying number of storeys, in the shape of the letter H. The total area of the building is 7823 thousand square meters. The residential parts will be in the southern three-story and the northern two-story wing. In the central part of the complex there will have a dining room, a gym, common areas and offices.

To create a barrier-free environment, the site in front of the entrance is a ramp with a slight slope and is lined with non-slippery granite tiles. To decorate the facades, the architects from Severin Proekt chose natural stone in shades of light-gray and ceramic granite. The complex will be built in neoclassical style. Earlier, the project was approved by Moskomarkhitektura.

Commissioner - OOO Promexpo.

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