Center for Culture and Arts “Shchukino” will open at the end of this year

17 May 2018

A contemporary center of culture and arts will be built on the site of the demolished culture center “Oktyabr” on Marshala Malinovskogo street. It will be divided into an auditorium and a club with separate entrances.

The center will overlook Marshala Malinovskogo street with its main facade with large glazed consoles. “The consoles are the main highlight on the backdrop of modest contemporary architecture,” said the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov. – The auditorium with a cinema and concert hall will be facing slightly away from Marshala Malinovskogo street, just like culture center Oktyabr built in 1937. There will be a small square in front of it. As Mayor Sergey Sobyanin previously said: today, one of the main tasks is the development of culture and cultural spaces in the Russian capital.”

The first floor of the building will house a cinema&concert hall for 450 spectators, a cloak room, and a cafeteria; the club will have a dance hall with a cloak room. The second floor will have choreography halls, music rooms and various studios. The third and fourth floors will house a stage box. At the underground level, there will be a parking lot for 39 cars. The total area of ​​the cultural center is 5.2 thousand sq. meters (56000 sq. feet). The project was earlier approved by the Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture of Moscow.

“The grand opening of the Culture and Arts Center is expected by December 2018. The contractors are already on the final stage of the project”, added Sergey Kuznetsov. 

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