Park Pobedy to set up new open-air dance floor

15 March 2018

Professional dancers will give classes to visitors at the dance floor in Park Pobedy, which will open in early April.

A special dance floor will open on Defenders of Moscow Alley in Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Gora in early April. Visitors will be able to dance there or watch performances by professional dancers. From April, the dance floor will be open at weekends and during public holidays.

“We are working on a programme for musical evenings so that every weekend park visitors will be able to dance to a different kind of music, such as waltz, tango, rock ‘n’ roll, or modern pop music. Hit songs about football will be performed ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup,” said an employee at the press service of Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Gora.

The 520-square-metre dance floor will accommodate 20 couples. There will be 20 covered benches along the perimetre. The area itself has been assembled, and the next stage will be the installation of audio equipment. Plans include classical dance lessons by professionals.

A white grand piano will be installed in the renovated openwork pavilion in Gorky Park for acoustic concerts in the summer. The revamped pavilion, which was built in the 1950s for musical evenings, opened to the public in January. 

At present, 45 Moscow parks have skating rinks, 23 of them with artificial ice. The annual Skating Rink Night will be held in 16 city parks before the closure of the skating season. Entry to all rinks will be free of charge, between 6 pm on 7 March and 1 am on 8 March, but the parks will charge for additional services, such as the rental of skates and protective equipment.

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