Moskomarkhitectura to launch the roundtable discussion Global Turn: Renovation of Residential Housing in Moscow at MIPIM

As part of the event, participants will hear expert opinion on new approaches to contemporary urban space to be applied in Moscow in connection with the reorganization of vast residential areas.
27 February 2018

A Stamp with the Floating Bridge Was Defaced in Zaryadye Park

The formal ceremony of defacing a stamp with the image of the Floating Bridge on it took place in the media center of the Zaryadye Park.
26 February 2018

An Avant-garde Railway Station to Be Built in Moscow

Moskomarkhitektura agreed on the design of the building of Varshavskaya station.
25 February 2018

Eco-friendly, quiet and noiseless transport is the future of large cities

Students asked the mayor about road and metro construction, city development and surface and rail transport, and city improvement.
23 February 2018

History Museum to work seven days a week during 2018 FIFA World Cup

All FAN ID holders will get a 30 percent discount for entrance tickets.
22 February 2018

Krylatskoye to host the Moscow stage of the world snowboard tour

On 3 March, Moscow will be hosting the world snowboard tour’s big air event for the fifth time.
21 February 2018

Moscow zoo to switch to spring hours on 1 March

With the advent of spring, raccoons, marmots, jerboas, raccoon dogs, brown bears and Himalayan bears will start waking up from their winter hibernation. Visitors can come to see them from 9 am until 6 pm.
20 February 2018

Work on the bas-reliefs for the swimming center Luzhniki is in progress

Replicas of twelve bas-reliefs will decorate the Luzhniki pool after reconstruction by the competition-winning UNK project. We plan to place them on the main and side facades, said the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.
19 February 2018

Chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov will present the Construction complex of the capital at MIPIM-2018

The exhibition participants will discuss the renovation program and the progress of preparing for the World Cup.
14 February 2018

School shaped like a six-petal flower to be built in Nagatinsky Zaton

A school in the shape of a six-petal flower will be built in Nagatinsky Zaton in the south of Moscow.
11 February 2018

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