New Playgrounds and Recreation Spaces to Be Built near the Jewish Museum

17 April 2018
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The area near the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center will be landscaped. reports that the former parking lot as well as in the south-western part will be transformed into a small plaza with benches.

Lanterns and architectural and artistic lighting will make evening walks near the museum comfortable and pleasant. A new sports ground will be built here too. The existing playgrounds will have new equipment: swings, balancers, sandboxes, play mazes and obstacle courses. The fence will be replaced with a more transparent one with a hedge planted along it: this will make the area look more inviting and spacious.

Trees, shrubs, flower beds, and lawns will be planted too. The area will be decorated with decorative apple-trees, maples, Indian pears, dogwood, mock oranges, hydrangeas, lilacs, echinacea, molinias and other plants.

The transport infrastructure around the museum will remain intact. Pavilions at bus stops will be replaced. New bicycle parking lots will be built for cyclists.

The landscaping project was endorced by 69.7 percent of "enthusiastic citizens". More than 19 percent believe that the solution should be found by specialists, and only one-tenth of the voting participants decided that the area near the museum should not change.

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