New pedestrian area to connect Leninsky Prospekt and Gorky Park

26 January 2018

A pedestrian area with benches, pergola walkways and a main staircase will be built between MISIS University and the Pirogov First City Clinical Hospital.

An additional entry to Gorky Park will be built this year from Leninsky Prospekt as a walking area with flower beds, trees and bushes connecting National University of Science and Technology MISIS and the Pirogov First City Clinical Hospital. There are plans to install an undulated pergola walkway, benches, a vista point overlooking Gorky Park and a site for loan exhibitions and objets d’art from the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. A main staircase with a zig-zag ramp will be built at the park’s entrance.

The idea of this pedestrian area was first proposed in the design plans for Gorky Park created by architects Alexei Shchusev and Alexander Vlasov in 1928-1930. But it has not been implemented.

“At the moment there is a service lane between the hospital and the university and there is no pedestrian entry to Gorky Park from Leninsky Prospekt. To reach the Garage Museum, people have to walk all the way to the main entry. The new pedestrian area will attract more people to this zone of the park,” an official at the Department for Major Housing Repairs said.

The pedestrian area will begin on Leninsky Prospekt with an illuminated arc and will have various trees, flowering shrubs and perennial flowers and grasses such as hybrid sagebrush, tufted hair-grass, coneflowers, Chinese astilbe, woodland sage and Virginia creepers.

A design solution for the new area leading to Gorky Park was discussed with MISIS students at a presentation held on 18 January at the MISIS Centre for Industrial Prototyping of High Complexity. Campuses around the world have such through lanes between teaching centres and recreation areas. These through lanes represent green areas that are perfect for taking a break, walking or sitting on grass to read a book. You can see them on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), Regent’s University London (UK), the University of Chicago (USA) and Rissho University (Japan).

The design was created by Wowhaus architects for the Department for Major Housing Repairs. The project will be launched this spring.

Gorky Park was laid out in 1928. Konstantin Melnikov, a world-famous Soviet avant-garde architect, made designs for the area from the park’s main entrance to the Neskuchny Garden. The park incorporated part of the Vorobyovy Gory Nature Reserve and Moscow State University in 2013 and Muzeon Park of Arts, Russia’s largest open-door museum of sculpture, in 2015. This year the park’s historical feature, a latticed pavilion that was built in the 1950s, has opened to the public after renovation.

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