Committee to host workshops on billboards outside the Third Ring Road

22 March 2017

The owners of informational structures outside the Third Ring Road (TRR) will give concrete examples of what street banners meet the design code of Moscow, report There will be more than two months of advisory meetings with businessmen.

On July 1, the rules for placing information structures outside the TRR come into effect. The requirements approved by the resolution of the Moscow Government will be introduced in the city stage by stage; from 2013, they are already in force in the center.

To support businesses, architectural and art concepts for signboards placement on 41 large streets outside the TRR have already been presented

The information structures there had to comply with citywide rules from June 1 last year, but the Moscow government decided to postpone for more than a year the introduction of standards for signage in these territories in support of small and medium-sized businesses. There, the requirements for the signs, as well as on 86 streets outside the TRR, will come into force on July 1, 2017.

A list of 86 streets was approved last year. It was formed in conjunction with the prefectures of the districts. It included areas most «contaminated» with screaming signs of the territory, for example, Lublinskaya Street in the South-Eastern Administrative District, which passes through three districts of the city. Also, the list contains streets of Zelenograd and Troitskiy and Novomoskovskiy Administrative Districts: Shcherbinka, Troitska, Kommunarka, Moskovskoye. The full list can be found here.

Projects of signage concepts for 86 streets will be published on the website of the Moscow Committee of Architecture and Urban Planning in the section «For specialists» in the near future

Entrepreneurs will be able to study them and ask questions to the experts of the Committee. New signage concepts will be made in the form of presentations with detailed diagrams. Information structures that do not violate urban requirements are marked with green check marks, and those that do not correspond to the design code are red crosses. Also, the diagrams will show how the signs should be located.



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