Mobile app and website to be developed for park “Zaryadye”

23 November 2016

Park “Zaryadye” will get its own mobile app with audio-guide and loyalty programme. With its help visitors can learn history of park, order souvenir gifts and obtain current information about events.

It will suggest an option to map an excursion route across the park with audio-guide on the smartphone. Also, by means of app you can learn about constructions erected and planted plants. For this purpose it will have a function of QR-codes decoding. The app should display catalogue of grasses, bushes and trees automatically, at the level of GLONASS/GPS signal to determine user’s location and suggest which plants are near him.

The visitors will also be offered to join loyalty programme, which will be launched in Zaryadye. Participants will have an opportunity to exchange the accumulated loyalty points for tickets to events, souvenir gifts at the shops, view timetable of private events, and take part in voting.

It is planned to launch website of park Zaryadye. Mobile app and site will be both in Russian and English. It is set forth in the documents of IT department.

Images: MKA


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