Meganom to build two towers on 2-Zvenigorodskaya street

27 March 2018

A new residential complex designed by the architectural studio Meganom will be built on the 2-Zvenigorodskaya Street, lot 12. Earlier the project was coordinated by Moskomarkhitektura, said the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

The new project preserves the structure of the former plant: it will form a unique urban open space. Its diversity and colorfulness made it possible to create a system of squares and passages between the buildings forming an urban interior with urban "rooms" different in size and character. Thus, the complex will become a hybrid of the city and the park.

The site is limited to Zvenigorodskoe highway, 2-Zvenigorodskaya street, Kostikov street and 1905 Goda street. The total area of development is 2795 thousand square meters. The total area of the two buildings of the multifunctional complex is about 25 thousand square meters. The underground part consists of a three-level parking for 150 cars and utility rooms, the entrance will be from the side of 2ya Zvenigorodskaya street.

"The courtyard will have a playground and a recreation area for adults. The upper floors will have operating terraces for apartments. The first floors will have a department store and offices with separate entrances. In general, the whole project meets the modern standards of residential development under the leadership of Mayor Sergey Sobyanin," - said Kuznetsov.

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