Krylatskoye to host the Moscow stage of the world snowboard tour

21 February 2018

The list of participants includes over 30 of the best athletes from Russia and other countries. On 3 March, Moscow will be hosting the world snowboard tour’s big air event for the fifth time.

The Grand Prix de Russie show will be held on a specially constructed “big air” ramp at the Rowing Canal in Krylatskoye. The big air ramp will be 50 metres high and over 200 metres long. Over 30 of the best athletes from Russia and other countries, including Olympic Games athletes and winners of world championships, World Cup stages and X-Games, will be participating in the event.

During the big air event the snowboarders will slide down the large snow-covered ramp, which launches them into the air, where they perform various tricks. Every jump is meticulously calculated so it will be long and spectacular, but also safe. Judges will vote on several criteria including the difficulty, dynamics, performance and beauty of the stunts.

That’s not all; Krylatskoye will also host competitions in jibbing and an FMX show held by Alexei Kolesnikov and the FMX 13 team. The event’s programme will also include fireworks and a light show. Music will be provided by the best Moscow DJs.

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