Jewish Museum to receive new playgrounds and leisure areas

08 April 2018
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The area near the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre will be improved. Leisure areas with benches will appear at the site of a former car park and in the southwestern sector. Pedestrians will be able to enjoy lamps and architectural-artistic lighting while strolling near the museum in the evenings.

A sports facility will be built, and new equipment will be installed at children’s playgrounds, including swings, sandboxes, see-saws, slot machines and an obstacle course. A hedge will be planted alongside a more transparent fence. This will make the area look larger and cozier.

Workers will plant trees and shrubs, including decorative apple trees, maple trees, service-berries, cornels, mock orange plants, Hortensia shrubs, lilacs, Echinacea flowers, purple moor-grass and other plants, as well as flowerbeds and lawns in the area.

It will be possible to reach the museum using the same routes as before. Bus stop shelters will be replaced, and bicycle racks installed.

In all, 69.7 percent of Active Citizen website users supported the improvement project. Over 19 percent believed that experts should deal with the issue. And only 10 percent said the nearby area should remain the same as before.

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