Eight Moscow parks to offer sleigh rides

06 December 2017

This winter, the alleys of eight parks of the Moscow Department of Culture will become routes for rides in standard and dog sleighs (“narty”) drawn by specially trained huskies, horses and deer. The parks are Izmailovsky and Tagansky, Fili, Kuzminki, Sokolniki, Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve, the public garden in Olenetsky Proyezd, and Bauman Garden.

In Izmailovsky Park, the winter sleighing season will be open on 9 December if there is enough snow. Husky-drawn sleighs will be available on weekdays from noon until 8 pm and at weekends and holidays from 11 am – 9 pm. Visitors will be able to ride on horse-drawn sledges from 2 pm – 10 pm on Fridays and 11 am – 10 pm at weekends and holidays.

Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve kicks off its first winter season of dog- and horse-drawn sleighs on Friday, 22 December, at noon.

“We expect reindeer to attract the most attention. The animals have been brought from the Komi Republic. They will be harnessed to national Yakut elongated sleighs (“narty”), covered with skins. The sledges will be driven by experienced mushers in beautiful national clothing who can perfectly control the animals,” said the press service of Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve.

Narty will also be pulled by Siberian huskies. There will be from four to eight dogs pulling each sleigh. Canine specialists will monitor the process. There will also be sleighs pulled by a team of two white horses of the Percheron breed, remarkable for their beauty, strength and endurance. These animals are also known for their friendly and calm nature, so the ride will be smooth. Sleigh rides will be available in Tsaritsyno Park daily between noon and 6 pm from 22 December to 9 January. After the New Year holidays, riding will be conducted on the same hours at weekends and holidays. The route on dog and reindeer sledges will stretch for 500 metres and on horses – 700 metres.

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