Chinese Business Center to be built in the North-West of Moscow

02 March 2017
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Project of the Chinese Center Huaming Park was put to the attention of the Architectural Council of Moscow in 2013. For economic reasons, the construction was delayed. The final version of the project with a modified façade solution was harmonized by the Moscow Architectural Committee.

The project was developed by TPO Rezerv under the leadership of Vladimir Plotkin. It was approved by the Architectural Council three years ago. The present volume-space solution has since been changed. The simple and expressive composition is symmetrical in plan and due to the fact that the complex is formed by contrasting spaces of different height, it looks different from different perspectives.

The dominant feature of the complex is a 21-storey office building facing north with a semicircular façade, and facing south — to the main entrance — with a flat façade. The two symmetrical «wings» form the 22-storey building five-star hotel located in the park and the 12-storey apartment house along the street of Vilgelm Pik. They are united by a stylobate part with a convention center, restaurants, fitness center and other public functions. The main entrance is on the south side and is oriented towards the landscape park: Chinese garden village with small pavilions in the traditional gardening style.

Compared to the original version, the final draft has modifications in the scale and pattern of the façade mesh of the buildings. The facades are modular, the main architectural element is the vertical aluminum slats painted white or a copper — on the inner surfaces of the hotel building and the apartment hotel building. Blind sides are clad with red or orange granite.
As Moscow Committee for the Implementation of Investment Projects in Construction and Supervision of Participatory Construction previously reported, the deadline of construction of the Business Centre was extended until 2018.

Images: TPO Rezerv


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