Apartment Buildings Designed by Sergey Skuratov to Appear in the ZIL area

23 August 2016

According to Sergey Kuznetsov, Skuratov’s agency developed the projects of two residential complexes for neighboring lots — No. 1 and 2, located at the intersection of the Planned Passage 4965 and the Moskva River embankment. The houses are built in a single style using face bricks and corten steel for décor.

“The redevelopment of the ZIL territory, as stated by the Mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, is one of the most important urban development projects in the capital for the nearest future. And it is not simply a large-scale project, but also a model one in terms of urban development and architectural solutions. The properly chosen strategy leads to the proper results, and therefore I am sure that ZIL will make a territory of architectural events, and it will be an outstanding project in terms of architecture of certain buildings”, said Sergey Kuznetsov.

The chief architect noted that the ZIL area is divided into lots which are given for development to the best Russian and foreign architectural teams guided by the authors of the master plan — the architectural bureau “Project Meganom”. Therefore, on the one hand, the rules of the uniform design code are very important, for example, special attention is given to the streets and the transparency of the ground floors; and on the other hand, each residential or public building has its own unique design. For instance, the residential complexes designed by Sergey Skuratov’s agency for the neighboring lots have clearly individual shapes, but are united by the common principles: a closed courtyard on the artificial stylobate and an active street frontage of the ground floors along the perimeter.

The corner complex (lot No. 1) is the composition of the 15-storey five-section building standing on the two-storey underground part and the parking lot connected to the yard by the road surface. The design of the facades includes deep brick bars of pillars and bands thinning out towards the Moskva River. The eastern end is often broken with corten steel insertions and gradually turns into the “steel tail”. The complex also includes the space of inside courtyard on the artificial stylobate with its retaining wall facing the red line of the planned pedestrian street.

The underground part includes a parking lot, technical facilities, and a supermarket which opens onto the surface of the courtyard with a lantern light. The total area of the complex is about 42,000 sq. m.

The complex located on the neighboring area (Lot No. 2) is a block of two groups of green-group residential houses linked by the common stylobate of the non-residential ground floor. It includes 14-storey single-section buildings along the waterfront, a 7-storey two-section building with a creased façade, and a 14-storey three-section building. The complex has related facades with the brick bars over the glazings of balconies and loggias, and the façade creases on the 7-storey building facing the pedestrian street are coated with corten steel.

The total area is about 60,000 sq. m.

Images: Sergey Skuratov Architects


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