A New Garage Complex with a Café and a Swimming Pool to be Built on Krylatskaya Street

19 April 2018
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A multifunctional garage complex for 500 cars with a café, a fitness club and an outdoor pool on the roof will be built on 13 Krylatskaya street, said the Chief Architect of Moscow, Sergey Kuznetsov.

“The most of the area of the complex will be occupied by parking spaces: 85% of the total area, with another 15% allocated for a fitness center, a swimming pool and a café.” Moscow sees this combination of architectural and planning solutions for the first time. This is really a unique object, which will become the center of attraction for this area, and will also solve the parking problem that was emphasized earlier by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin,” – said Sergey Kuznetsov.

Since the complex is divided into two functional units, the architects at Werner Sobek Moskwa decided to represent it both in the building’s layout and the façade materials: public areas will have panoramic glazing and the parking floors will be covered with decorative metal slats. Facade solutions will create a unique look for multi-level parking drawing away the focus from the main purpose of the building.

The parking area will be located from the second to the sixth floors. The entrance will be on the northern side of the building. The ground floor will have general-purpose premises overlooking Krylatskaya street, so that the residents of the neighborhood could have an easy access to it. On the southern side there will be the entrance to the fitness club. On the eighth floor of the complex there will be an open 50-meter long all-season swimming pool with changing rooms and showers. There will also be a café with a panoramic view of Grebmoy Kanal and the park of Krylatskiye Kholmy.

The total area of ​​the complex will be slightly more than 30 thousand square meters. It will be built within the framework of the state program of Moscow Development of the transport system for 2012-2016 and for the future up to 2020. Earlier, the project was approved by the Moskomarkhitektura.

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