A House Designed by Zaha Hadid Was Completed in Barvikha

11 April 2018

In Barvikha, near Moscow, the world’s only private residential building by Zaha has been completed. The residence worth $140 million has a nightclub, a swimming pool, a spa, a Japanese garden and a bedroom at a height of 35 meters above the ground.

The area of the four-story building is 3.3 thousand square meters, the upper floor rises to 35 m above the ground. The owner of the building is one of the founders of the development company Capital Group Vladislav Doronin. The businessman says he met Zaha in London, «We were both impressed with the works of Kazimir Malevich and El Lissitzky. We spent the rest of the evening talking about art and design. It was then that I decided that I wanted to work with her on the project.»

The resulting building looks like a spaceship. The ground floor is underground, the master bedroom is in the tower overlooking the forest. In addition to the residential rooms, the cottage has a spa, a 20-meter swimming pool, a gym, a nightclub and even a Japanese garden.

In total, the project took 12 years to complete. This is not only the only private house created by the architect but also the only building hidden from outsiders. Unlike other creations by Hadid, which attract the attention of thousands of passers-by in urban landscapes, Doronin’s residence will be hard to see in real life but there is a video.

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