Archcouncil of Moscow to Consider a Project by MVRDV on Sadovoye Koltso

24 January 2018

The project by the Dutch studio MVRDV at the intersection of Sadovoye Koltso and Akademika Sakharova Ave will be considered at a meeting of the Moscow Architectural Council, said the chief architect of Moscow, Sergey Kuznetsov.

MVRDV became the winner of the closed international architectural competition for the concept of a multifunctional apartment complex in the center of Moscow. The commissioner and investor of the competition was GK Osnova.

«The fact that the commissioner decided to hold a competition and invite really strong participants is a definite plus. We see how before our eyes the approach of developers not only to residential, but also to commercial development is changing. The project itself turned out to be very resonant and taking into account the importance of the site and the facility itself, we decided to bring the concept by MVRDV to the attention of the Moscow City Hall,» - said Sergey Kuznetsov.

In particular, the architects promised to present different color solutions for the facades of the complex. According to the President of GK Osnova Alexander Ruchyov, Moscow is one of international centers and developer projects here must meet the highest standards.

«This is why we held a competition to choose the best from the world’s experience and implement it in our project,» - said Ruchyov. Besides MVRDV, concepts by the Russian architectural studio Meganom and the English studio Simpson were selected and evaluated on the final stage of the competition. The announcement of the meeting of the Moscow Archcouncil will be sent separately.

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