A new residential compound to replace the former weaving factory

22 February 2017
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The Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning approved the previously reviewed project of a multifunctional residential compound in the Central Administrative District. It will be built in place of the former weaving factory having an area of five hectares between Bolshaya Pochtovaya Street and the embankment of the Yauza river.

The planned complex contains eleven residential buildings with five to seventeen floors, single-storey spaces of inbuilt non-residential premises, five office and commercial premises with a different number of storeys, and a single-level underground car parking.

«We have harmonized the project of a multifunctional residential complex on Bolshaya Pochtovaya Street designed by ABC Group’, — said the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov. — ‘The Architectural Council reviewed it last year and saw an example of a very good environment architecture in it. The project meets the principles implemented by the team of Mayor Sergey Sobyanin — it is, above all, the development of public spaces in any construction. It is the city embankment and pedestrian street, a necessary transit through the block, a pedestrian bridge and other objects of attraction and further communication».

The existing production buildings on the site will be demolished. A number of buildings of historical value will be reconstructed. In particular, the building on 34 Bolshaya Pochtovaya, bld. 6 is saved and adapted for use as a retail and office space. The two water towers will be recreated in the original size as interesting fragments of industrial architecture — one in a separate building on the embankment, and the other — as an extension to the reconstructed body (building 6).

The central planning axis of the compound is a pedestrian street connecting Bolshaya Pochtovaya Street to the embankment. To extend the transit traffic, the compound will have a pedestrian bridge, which will be adjacent to the reconstructed building 6 of lot 34.

The residential part consists of one- and two-section houses having 5-17 floors. The architectural solution of the facades involves bricks (ceramic tiles), natural stone, and composite decorative panels. Some facades have wavy profiles. The first floor (height from 3.5 to 6 meters) has stained-glass glazing and is designed to accommodate retail, cafes, restaurants, and other commercial premises. The first two floors of building 12 are for a pre-school institution for 120 children.

There are two access roads to the site from Bolshaya Pochtovaya Street and two — from the embankment. The entrances to the underground parking have driveways in the southern side of the site.


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