Three Moscow Megaprojects on the Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg

29 November 2016

Creative Environment and Urbanism Section will, for the first time, present in detail the three megaprojects of Moscow: the concert hall in the Zaryadye park, the Museum of Contemporary Art in the former HPP-2 and the Exhibition Centre of the Hermitage in the former ZIL plant.


December 1

12:00 AM — 1:00 PM.Presentation of the Project for a concert hall in the Zaryadye park

Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow/ Valery Gergiev, Creative Director and CEO of the Mariinsky Theatre/ Pavel Trekhleb, Director of the Moscow State Autonomous Institution of Culture ‘Zaryadye Park’.

The concert hall is in the eastern part of the planned Zaryadye Park area. The building of the concert hall is an important element of the park embedded in the structure of its artificial landscape. The operable greened roof of the building will be connected to the walking area of the park on the western side. The major part of the roof will be covered with a structural translucent shield that creates a special atmosphere in the recreation area. The multifunctional hall is designed for 1500 seats.


December 2

12:00 AM — 1:30 PM. Presentation of the Project of the Museum of Contemporary Art in the former HPP-2

Sergey Kuznetsov/ Teresa Mavika, Director of Russian Fund ‘Victoria — Art of Contemporary’ (V-A-C)/ Antonio Belvedere, partner of Renzo Piano, Head of the project of HPP-2 reconstruction.

One of the oldest Moscow power plants HPP-2 on Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya will house a new museum and education center of contemporary art designed by Renzo Piano, the author of Centre Pompidou in Paris. It is planned to build a 30,700 sq. m Academy of Contemporary Art with restoration of cultural heritage — the building of the Central power station for the city streetcar, a reconstruction of the buildings and new construction area of ​​11,100 square meters. The focus in the created space is on educating and encouraging interest in contemporary culture.


December 3

12:00 AM — 1:30 PM. Presentation of the Project for the Exhibition Centre of the Hermitage in the former ZIL plant

Sergey Kuznetsov / Andrey Molchanov, General Director of LSR Group / Mikhail Piotrovskiy, General Director of the State Hermitage / Hani Rashid, co-founder of Asymptote Architecture Bureau.

The complex of the Moscow Hermitage by the famous architect Hani Rashid will be built in the former ZIL industrial area. It is planned to exhibit items of contemporary art and run educational activities there. The museum will also have a collection storage, a customs office, a restoration department, and an educational center. The roof of the building will be used as a recreational area with sculptures and restaurants. The fact that the museum space and its surroundings are created from scratch, allows the architect to create an integrated concept, including the interiors and the territory adjacent to the building.

Venue: St. Petersburg. State Hermitage. Headquarters
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