The Moscow Architectural Committee created the album of the standard solutions for embankments

30 March 2016

The album became a logical continuation of the concept for the development of the Moscow River coastal territories. A thorough analysis of coastal areas functional purpose, allowed forming the three main types of embankments, pedestrian, and mixed transport. The first type assumes that there is an opportunity to create a line park — a large recreational space along the waterfront.

The decisions in the album can be viewed as the direct recommendation within the subsequent design, but, of course, there will not be any restriction, it is not a technology standard. "The designer will be able to see the profile of the waterfront and take the ideas from that range, which he will need, the particular decision he may apply in a given territory", — comment Committee.

Overall, according to the development concept of the Moscow River, approved by the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, by the ending of 2035 there should be created 64 km of a new embankment and be improved 73 km of existing ones. About 30 km of them will be reconstructed at the expense of investors. This year the work will begin on the quays in Tushino, Luzhniki and on the territory of “ZIL”.

Images: Wowhaus


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