The future look of Third Interchange Circuit stations

10 March 2017
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The Committee for Architecture and Urban Development has coordinated a design project for the Nizhnyaya Maslovka station of the TIC, due to open in 2018. Walls and platform poles will be made of cast iron elements to resemble metro tunnels. is publishing project solutions for Nizhnyaya Maslovka and another two TIC stations that will be launched this year. The Khoroshevskaya station will be decorated in the avant-garde style, while the Petrovsky Park station will have stained glass elements featuring the Petroff Palace all along the escalators.

Nizhnyaya Maslovka: Tunnel station

Passengers will be able to change to Nizhnyaya Maslovka from the Savyolovskaya station of the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya Line. The new station will be similar to it in décor, with grey and black granite.

The main feature of Nizhnyaya Maslovka is that it will be styled as a metro tunnel. The walls will be made in the form of a cast iron and glass carcass resembling the inside of a metro tunnel. Poles on the platform will be decorated in a similar style. The station will also get a gigantic light stand all along the platform.

The station will have two entrance halls: one leading out to Butyrskaya Street and the other to the Savyolovsky railway station.

Avant-garde Khoroshevskaya station

The Khoroshevskaya station, which will be at the interchange from the Polezhayevskaya station of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Line, will have an avant-garde interior.

«This will be the first Moscow metro station decorated in the style of two major art trends of the early 20th century — suprematism and constructivism,» Moscow Chief Architect Sergei Kuznetsov said.

One of the station’s entrance halls will be adorned with compositions in the style of Kazimir Malevich and his followers — Alexander Rodchenko, Lyubov Popova and Alexandra Exter.

The images will be painted on aluminum panels on the halls’ ceilings and escalator tunnels. The pictures will not be the exact copies of the famous paintings, but geometric shapes of various colours will remind passengers of Kazimir Malevich’s works.

The platform will be covered in purple granite, the colour of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Line. «The white light-reflecting floating ceiling will visually expand the underground space of the hall,» the chief architect said.

Escalators will replace the stairs in the current eastern entrance hall of the Polezhayevskaya station. The Khoroshevskaya station will have exits to both sides of the Khoroshevskoye Motorway, to Kuusinena Street and to 4th Magistralnaya Street. Deputy Moscow Mayor for Urban Development and Construction Marat Khusnullin said earlier that the station would be put into operation as soon as this year.

Petrovsky Park: Forest and palace overhead

Passengers will be able to change from the new Petrovsky Park station to the Dinamo station of the Zamoskvoretskaya Line. Large stained glass featuring the silhouette of the 18th century Petroff (Petrovsky Putevoi)) Palace will decorate the entrance halls and escalator passages. This building itself, a fine example of the Russian neo-Gothic (Revival) architecture, is situated next to the future metro station.

Petrovsky Park (garden) was built around the palace in the 19th century. The park has become an inspiration for the station architects, which is why passengers going up and down the escalator of the new station will be able to admire tree silhouettes on the ceiling.

The Petrovsky Park station will have a platform made of green granite and marble to match the colour of the metro’s green Zamoskvoretskaya Line. The new station with two entrance halls is to be launched this year.



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