Sergey Kuznetsov received a prize from American Society of Illustrators

14 April 2017

American architect Jorge Tiscareño called Sergey Kuznetsov’s watercolor «Istanbul. Impressions» the best in the Observational Illustration Section.

Watercolor "Istanbul. Impressions" by the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov was awarded a special prize by Jorge Tiscareño, a jury member of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators.

The American Society of Architectural Illustrators’ international competition Architecture in Perspective (AIP) is one of the largest and most prestigious competitions in the world. It has been existed since 1986 and ever year hundreds of people participate in this event. This year, AIP received about 400 works executed in different techniques, with the use of the latest computer technologies, and without them. Sergey Kuznetsov’s illustration received one of the eleven highest awards in the competition—special Juror’s Award in the Observational Illustration Section. This award is particularly important, because this category includes traditional hand drawings: plein air sketches, depictions of architectural details, entire buildings and topographical illustrations. Sergey Kuznetsov, as we know, actively promotes traditional hand-drawing and emphasizes its importance in the work of the architect. He participates in exhibitions, educational and publishing projects, supports international competitions, including the ArchiGraphicArts competition.

Sergey Kuznetsov’s watercolor «Istanbul. Impressions» will be included in the Architecture in Perspective international exhibition and will appear in the AIP catalog presenting the best artworks of the winners.


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