Second Phase of Acoustic Testing in Zaryadye Philharmonic Started

15 June 2017

The experts of Japanese company Nagata Acoustics launched the second phase of acoustic tests of the concert hall in Zaryadye Park.

A physical 1:10 scale model of the concert hall has been made to check the sound quality. The second testing phase involves sound measurement with the use of nitrogen which is to fill the leak-proof hall model displacing the air out of it. Thus, nitrogen creates the required density of the medium in the scaled model, which corresponds to the real conditions of sound propagation in the concert hall.

In the course of the testing, dummies and chairs are used which were manufactured specifically for this project in Japan; they are placed in the physical model according to the concert hall plan with 1560 seats.

Let us remind that the first phase of acoustic testing included measuring the parameters of the physical model, and geometry of the hall was checked in order to verify the accuracy of the constructed 3D model designed by architects.

In total, three sessions have been scheduled as part of the acoustic testing to provide research results which the Japanese experts will include in the report containing recommendations for further work on interior finishing and installation of equipment in the concert hall.



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