Over 150 solar panels to be installed on glass dome in Zaryadye Park

11 April 2017
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They will transform solar energy into electricity in good weather. The dome will also have a special window with a panoramic view on the Kremlin.

In April, the work will begin to install a glass dome, or glass crust, in Zaryadye Park. The dome will be a good shelter on a rainy day and will partially cover the open air theatre and the roof garden of the philharmonic hall. A total of 152 solar panels will be attached to the southern zone of the dome to generate energy that will be partially used for facilities underneath it.

The glass dome will cover an area of 8,700 sq m (the park has a total area of 130,000 sq m), reaching 161 m at its highest point.

«A viewing window zone will be set up in the western part of the dome, opposite the back rows of the open air theatre, offering a panoramic view of the Kremlin,» said Sergei Kuznetsov, Moscow Chief Architect and head of Zaryadye Park’s designer team.

For this purpose, architects have come up with the idea of using 115 triangular windows made of double-glazed triplex safety glass. Metal beams will be replaced with glass ones to avoid obstructing the panoramic view of Moscow.

Other parts of the dome will be made of double-glazed insulated thermal glass units.



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