‘Northern Lights’ Installation in Zaryadye Is 620 km Long

27 September 2017
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The ceiling of the Media Center in Zaryadye Park designed by Timur Bashkayev’s architectural studio ABTB is decorated with the installation “Northern Lights”. The total length of the fibers it is made of is over 620 kilometers, said the Chief Architect of Moscow and the head of the Park’s design team Sergey Kuznetsov.

The interiors of the pavilions under construction “Media Center”, “Ice Cave” and “Reserve Embassy” in Zaryadye Park were made according to the projects of the architectural studio of Timur Bashkayev, who previously won the competition for the concept development. The interior of the three pavilions is united by the common theme Memory of nature. One element is responsible for the uniqueness of each structure.

The central place in the pavilion “Reserve Embassy” is occupied by the florarium, instead the “Ice Cave” is ​​a complex system of thin tubes filled with ice. The basis of the interior of the “Media Center” was its complex ceiling consisting of thousands of thin threads of different heights, made of matte polycarbonate.

“In the Media Center, the architects tried to achieve a metaphorical generalization of impressions from Nature. Clouds, foliage, fog, woods, the northern lights themselves provide a number of ​​associations. The principle of natural urbanism underlying the ideology of the park, is reflected in the design of interiors. The myriad of „hairs„ on the ceiling of the Media Center is necessary to create a unique light-spatial atmosphere. Their total length exceeds 620 kilometers, which is comparable to the length of Lake Baikal,“ said Sergey Kuznetsov.

According to the author of the concept Timur Bashkayev, to many people the fibers look like the northern lights. „We planned this scenario as one of the possible visual effects,“ said the architect.

To do this, a dynamic lighting system was incorporated in the project; it allows to change both the color of lighting and its intensity by smoothly turning the spotlights. In general, the interior of the Media Center is designed in the minimalist style.

The interiors Media Center, the Reserve Embassy and the Ice Cave were not originally designed in the concept by the American architects who had won the competition. Therefore, Moscomarchitecture held a separate competition for interior solutions for public areas of Zaryadye. The jury of the contest and representatives of the international consortium awarded the first place to Timur Bashkayev’s architectural studio ABTB.

Images: MKA


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