Jan Gehl urban development exhibition to open in central Moscow

08 October 2013

The exhibition was set up following an analysis of Moscow’s public spaces and will open on 8 October by the Moscow Committee for Architecture building on Triumfalnaya Square. It will present the recommendations made by the Danish architect and urban planner Jan Gehl, as well as show the city’s achievements and designs in creating and improving public spaces, says the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development in a statement.

Public spaces serve to shape the urban environment, forming a unique atmosphere and making one city stand out from another. The Moscow Government has been focusing on the comprehensive development of public spaces in an attempt to raise the quality of Moscow urban life to world levels. Work is already underway to renovate and improve parks, boulevards, streets, embankments, cycle tracks and pedestrian spaces. Advertising is also partially being removed, and unified designs for lighting in the city and pedestrianised streets are being developed.

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