Former automatic telephone station on Zubovskaya Square to be reconstructed into hotel

02 May 2017
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According to the Chief Architect of Moscow, Sergey Kuznetsov, the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development approved the architectural urban planning solution for reconstruction project of the buildings of the former automatic telephone station (ATS) on Zubovskaya Square which is to be transformed into a hotel. The total area of the building is 10,795 sq. m.

The former ATS complex—its main 4-7-storey building overlooking Zubovskaya square that was built in 1939 by architect K.I. Solomonov and is among the historically valuable city forming objects—occupies the entire block bounded by Zubovskaya street, Dashkov pereulok and Timura Frunze street.

At the present moment, there are unoccupied buildings 1 and 3; all technical equipment of ATS and administrative offices were moved to building 2, which is parallel to Timura Frunze street and closes the inner courtyard of the former complex.

“There is high demand for hotels in Moscow, as previously stated by Mayor Sergey Sobyanin; a lot of new and high-quality buildings are constructed for this purpose. The project of the hotel on Zubovskaya square envisages reconstruction of the former ATS buildings with partial dismantling and restoration of the 3-5-7-storey complex, while preserving the spatial composition with an inner courtyard,” said Sergey Kuznetsov. “The project is quite moderate in terms of historical environment: the current elevation marks of 7-storey facades in the street will be preserved; the facades, forming the front of the buildings on Zubovskaya street and Zubovskaya square are planned to be restored”.

Under the complex, there will be two underground levels for parking and technological facilities. The hotel will have 119 rooms. The entire ground floor (except for the part along Dashkov pereulok) is to accommodate public areas. Its height is planned to be increased to 5,25 m. There will be public lobbies, restaurant, bar.

The existing entrance will be used as main entrance to the building from the square side. The driveway to the underground parking will be situated from Dashkov pereulok side. The levels of the floors above the basement and the ground floor will be changed, thus reducing the number of steps at the entrances to the building and providing barrier-free access for people with disabilities. A summer terrace of the restaurant is expected to be constructed in the courtyard.

The project designer is OOO “Spectrum-Holding”.


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