Dream Island Park to offer walkways with fountains, a ropes course and an open-air theatre

25 April 2017
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Dream Island Park at Nagatinskaya Poima will open in 2018, Moscow Chief Architect Sergei Kuznetsov said. The park will comprise a sports zone, a family zone, a children’s zone, an interactive zone, and a park zone with gardens and artificial lakes.

«Modern developers see greenery is an inalienable part of the urban environment. This is why we invited the best specialists who adapted the project to Russian conditions,» Mr Kuznetsov said.

The layout created by the landscape designers preserves the historical context of the 60-Letiaya Oktyabrya Park that was located there previously.

Dream Island measures 264,300 square metres; it will be covered with a glass dome, something that will make it possible to use the park in any season of the year.

The five themed zones will be in the north and south of Nagatinskaya Poima. The southern area will have walkways, two octagonal open spaces, playgrounds, dance floors and sports grounds. The northern area will include a quieter nature park with an open-air theatre, Panda Park and sports grounds.

According to Mr Kuznetsov, specialists will assess the condition of the existing trees and shrubs. These will be fully preserved, and new greenery will be planted. Soil will be partly replaced to create a favourable environment for them. «The park will have walkways with fountains, bicycle lanes and garden fixtures,» he said.

The project includes 27 fairground attractions, a concert hall, a cinema, a hotel, children’s yacht school, restaurants and shops. With an overall area of about 100 hectares, the park will be the biggest of its kind both in Russia and the world.

The facility is on a par with other major projects implemented in the city, such as Zaryadye Park, reconstruction of the Luzhniki Stadium and the former Likhachev car plant’s territory.



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