Asymptote residential tower in ZIL Area approved

16 March 2017
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The project of a residential tower in the area of the ZIL, developed by the world-famous studio Asymptote (design from the Russian side made by Project SPEECH) was approved by the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning, said the Chief Architect of the city Sergey Kuznetsov. The 39-storey skyscraper will become the area’s dominant landmark.

The high-rise residential complex (23 Avtozavodskaya str., area 34, No. 9) consists of two sections, the difference in the number of storeys between them is 14 floors. The sections are located on a common stylobate divided at the ground level into two independent sections by a pedestrian zone.

The stylobate comprises commercial, public and office premises with entrances around the perimeter. The main entrance groups are oriented to the pedestrian boulevard. The residential part begins on the fourth floor, and the residential floors from 16 to 24 hang over the ground in the form of a giant console-cube, as if taken out of the main volume and separated by a pass-through arch.

The entrances to the residential part are from the street through the lobby, each of which also has a reception area with entrance control. All entrances to both the commercial and residential parts are designed to have no thresholds. The apartments will be of superior comfort class, from studios to two-level and five-bedroom apartments.

«The former industrial territory of AMO ZIL provides a unique opportunity to create a project in Moscow with a priority of public interests, which is consistent with the city-planning policy of the mayor Sergey Sobyanin,» said Sergey Kuznetsov. — The main component in the spatial organization of this area is the connected framework of public spaces and infrastructure. Asymptote Skyscraper will be the beacon of this whole composition. This is a very interesting customized project, unusual for Moscow in quality and expressive form, with a pass-through lower part, as open as possible to the city.«

The complex has a variable number of storeys 2-25-39. The facade of the building will be fully made of glass, with a complex crystal structure and many faceted surfaces, giving the tower a more complex sculptural silhouette — according to the authors’ idea, inspired by the industrial aesthetics of constructivism. In an interview to the Archcouncil Portal, the Head of Asymptote, Hani Rashid, said, «I was asked to design some kind of a pass-through tower, and the idea was to create not just a monument, but a kind of an ode to the factory, all the people who lived here, their lives, and the history of this place told in the modern language.»

In the underground floors have a parking lot jointly with Lot No. 10. The total area of the tower will be 61,620 square meters, and the number of residents, according to preliminary estimates will be about 800 people. The commissioner is LSR. Object-M.


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