Archcouncil of Moscow approved the project of the apartment complex on Sadovoye Koltso

08 February 2018
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Today, the Moscow City Council reviewed the project by the Dutch studio MVRDV at the intersection of Akademika Sakharova Avenue and Sadovaya-Spasskaya Street.

The multifunctional public and business center, known as the Moscow Silhouette, will become a landmark addition to the surrounding buildings and will add significance to the image of the Moscow Sadovoye Koltso, says Moscow Chief Architect Sergey Kuznetsov.

MVRDV won the final stage of the closed international architectural competition for the concept of a multifunctional apartment complex in the center of Moscow, at the intersection of Sadovoye Koltso and Akademika Sakharova Ave. In the final, they were competing with the Russian studio Meganom and the English company Simpson. The commissioner of the competition is Osnova Group. The general designer is APEX. Chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov endorsed the concept.

«This project will by all means be remembered and go down in history if it is correctly implemented. Making sure that the commissioner can implement this project is also important. We will interview him on the materials, the budget, and on the solutions. There are many projects that were nice on paper but did not turn out as planned. Much work is to be done,» says Kuznetsov.

As MVRDV envisaged, the new complex will become a landmark addition to the surrounding buildings and stylistically complement the architectural image of the city. The building will be located in close proximity to the building of Centrosoyuz Building designed by Le Corbusier, and the building of the People’s Commissariat of Agriculture, authored by the famous constructivist Alexey Shchusev. The site where the complex is going to be built, has been empty for 15 years.

«The proposed concept is an abstraction of classical silhouettes that can be seen all over Moscow,» explains Jacob van Rijs, co-founder of MVRDV. — The combination of two significant buildings in warm colors: our project and the building of the People’s Commissariat not only creates a symbolic gateway to the city center, but also forms a comfortable environment for residents and excellent working spaces with an accessible lively atmosphere at the ground level for leisure and recreation."

The modular principle of volume formation and the simplicity of the building’s construction allow preserving the architectural unity of the complex with a variety of external forms and types of indoor areas. The volume of the building is formed in such a way as to clearly distinguish the entrance groups. The building will have a variable number of storeys with a maximum height of 78 meters. The area of the building within the outer walls will be 38 thousand square meters. The complex will have about 300 apartments and a parking lot for 320 vehicles.

The stylobate of the building will perform social and commercial functions: shops, cafes, art galleries, a restaurant, a gym with a total area of 38 thousand square meters. The next fourth floor (’the sky hall’) is a combination of shopping and entertainment areas (restaurant, cinema, gym, conference room, etc.) intended for the apartment residents and their guests. The outer terrace of the ’sky hall’ gives an additional leisure opportunity for the residents of the complex.

All the above floors are apartments of different types and sizes. At the underground levels of the building are designed for resident and visitor parking, a supermarket and utility premises. As a basic variant of the finish, the architects proposed two types of warm-red brick: matte for the outer surfaces of the façade and glazed inside the grooves to create a play of light under different lighting. Pink, white and beige façade options were also considered.

«From above we build a facade, where a gradient is applied. It further emphasizes the relief of the facade. If you ask me, the best facade solution would be to make the building bright red, because next to it there is a bright orange building. Two buildings would emphasize each other without conflicting. The design is very simple and fits the rhythm of our building,» said van Rijs. Members of the Archcouncil almost unanimously voted for a riskier red facade.

«The majority supported the red color, which looks pretty bold. But if you are not bold you will get a fairly mediocre structure» — said Kuznetsov.

Andrey Gnezdilov, an architect at Ostozhenka, is one of the few who supported the light color of the finish. «A brighter color of the facades will work with the silhouette better. In the afternoon, Sakharova Avenue is mostly backlit, and the building risks turning into a dark pile of bricks,» explained the architect.

The head of Meganom Yuriy Grigoryan also suggested that the authors of the project consider the option of ’deflecting’ the corner of the building away from Sadovoye Koltso. «From a certain perspective, it may happen that the building will block the view of the architect Dushkin’s high-rise. As a Muscovite, it’s important to me. But in general, I like the project,» said Grigoryan.

Nikolay Lyashenko, head of the architectural studio Tsymaylo Lyashenko and Partners, stressed that for this concept, the author’s supervision and performance quality are very important. «It is necessary to preserve the original materials, and it is necessary that MVRDV guide their project to the end,» said he.

Images: MVRDV



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