An apart-hotel for Skolkovo medcluster designed

29 March 2017
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Two buildings of the apart-hotel — for temporary residence and rehabilitation of patients, as well as for employees of the International Medical Cluster — will be built in the D1 area. The City Council of Skolkovo, chaired by the Chief Architect of Moscow, Sergey Kuznetsov, approved the presented architectural concept.

The project was developed by Moscow Architectural and Art Design Institute named after Academician Polyansky. The apart-hotel will be built as part of the International Medical Cluster, in front of the complex of medical buildings, on the other side of the designed park. The buildings will be four-storeyed, and on the first floors there will be wide pedestrian passages connecting courtyards with the adjacent public space along the perimeter of the building.

The complex will consist of two buildings with facades made of natural stone. The building for temporary residence and rehabilitation of patients with a total area of ​​10,500 sq.m. is designed for 146 rooms of different comfort class. The first floors will house a rehabilitation and health center, a department store, a co-working area, a café, and a restaurant.

In the second building, it is planned to locate residences (78 apartments) for employees of organizations participating in the implementation of the International Medical Cluster project, with a total area of ​​8,500 sq.m.

«The city council of Skolkovo appreciated the high-quality study of materials of this project and the continuity of solutions with the nature of the development of Innograd and the adopted design code,» — said the chairman of the council, the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov. «We recommended that the authors finalize the functional content of the park for the development of rehabilitation and recreational functions, as well as synchronize the design solutions of the apart-hotel with the facilities of the neighboring GLONASS complex, including the area adjacent from the south side.»

The structure of the facades of the apart-hotel reflects the internal layout: the size of the cell corresponds to the area of ​​the apartments on the floor (30-40-60 sq.m). In the decoration, it is supposed to use lining with large format cartriges with a face layer made of fine natural stone or ceramic granite of light colors. In glazing of the loggias we used mullion-free panels. From the side of the Bolshoi Boulevard of Skolkovo and the perspective D1 building, the buildings will have covered pedestrian galleries.


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