Seventy Tons of Water to Be Used for the All-Year-Round “Glacier” in Zaryadye

12 August 2017

In the end of August, works will start on creating the non-melting artificial glacier in Zaryadye Park. To amass the ice, specialists will need about 70 tons of water. The freezing process will take from 5 to 7 days.

«Special filters are going to cleanse and soften Moscow tap water. The total size of the cave ice surface is going to be around 60 cubic meters,» said the Chief Architect of Moscow and the leader of the authorship committee of the Zaryadye Park project, Sergey Kuznetsov.

The «Ice Cave» pavilion will be located in the northern part of the park. Assembling of the installation is already underway. After that, the specialists will have to install a cooling system to be located underneath the glacier. It’s going to be several hundred meters of refrigerator pipes filled with special reagent and cold air to the surface of the structure. With their help, the glacier will evenly freeze through. The temperature in the cave will be reduced to minus two degrees Celsius. After cooling, the glacier will be ‘shaped’. The author of the project and the Commissioner of the Antarctic Biennale Alexander Ponomaryov said that the freezing will be done as follows: water will be sprayed layer-by-layer atop of the cooled surface with arches, tunnels, columns and pipes. When the first layer freezes, the next one will be applied. This way, the entire glacier surface and its elements will be covered with ice and hoarfrost.

«During the day, the temperature inside the Ice Cave is not going to be lower than minus two degrees Celsius, and not lower than minus five degrees in the evening. Such temperature conditions have been approved by the experts as the optimum ones for a non-melting ice structure. The external surface of the cave itself will be natural white,» says Alexander Ponomarev.

The ice will also be illuminated from beneath. People will be able to take tours in the ice pavilion. Guides will tell guests about scientific expeditions to the Arctic and the Antarctic zones. The cave’s entrance will have a screen broadcasting ice nature documentaries.

Zaraydye Park will open this year. Presently underway are the construction of the floating bridge, the special effects ride Flying over Russia, a media center with a 360° panorama, the Philharmonic, and landscaping.



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