70-meter “floating bridge” to become an engineering marvel of Zaryadye Park in Moscow

29 September 2016

In Zaryadye Park construction of the “floating bridge” has started. A bridge with a viewing point function and overhang construction of 70 meters will be brooding over the adjoining embankment and partially over the river, said Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow and the Head of design engineering group of the park.

“The bridge will become an engineering marvel of the Park, — said the architect. Imagine that its weight — 3 650 t — is approximately the weight of the cars in a traffic jam of 20 km! And it is standing just on two pillars. First of all, we wanted to make a lift descending to the embankment, but we refused so that not to create a false feeling of an additional pillar. The lifts will operate only from the side of the park”.


As Kuznetsov explained, the park will allow reestablishing the connection of Zaryadye with the river which historically existed, however, in XX century it was destroyed by a large traffic artery along the embankment.

Besides the bridge, the park will be connected to the embankmentwith an underground passage where behind a glass wall there will be a unique archeological museum with artifacts found during archeological excavations in the times construction. One of the main specimens is a fragment of ancient defensive wall of Kitay-gorod.

There will be an embankmentfor river vessels in front of the “floating bridge”.



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