Architectural Council meetings

At the monthly meetings of the Architectural Council of Moscow architectural projects and solutions that are the most significant to the city are discussed — ones that concern historic buildings, squares and highways of city-wide importance. Each member of the Architectural Council of Moscow expresses his or her opinion on the submitted project. The result of a project consideration at an Architectural Council session becomes the decision on the basis on which a Certificate of Architecture and Urban Planning Solution (АГР) is issued or rejection reasons are given with the necessary recommendations to revise the project.


Archcouncil approved regeneration project for historic buildings on Bolshaya Polyanka

The Architectural Council of Moscow has unanimously approved the project devised
20 March 2017

Chinese Business Center to be built in the North-West of Moscow

Project of the Chinese Center Huaming Park was put to the attention of the
02 March 2017

A new residential compound to replace the former weaving factory

The Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning approved the previously reviewed project
22 February 2017

Residential complex designed by Kengo Kuma to be built near the Moscow City

The project of the socio-residential complex on Kutuzovsky Avenue was considered at a public
20 February 2017

Architectural Council rejected project near Kievskiy Railway Station

After being presented to the Archcouncil of Moscow, the project of a multifunctional apartment
13 February 2017

Administrative Complex of Luzhniki

Administrative Communication Center of Luzhniki Olympic Complex is located in the
31 January 2017

Architectural Council has approved a project of placement of Kremlin museums on Red Square

To house exhibits of Kremlin Museum inside of the quarter of the Middle Trading
25 December 2016

Kengo Kuma presented the project of a residential complex near Moscow-City to the Architectural Council

The star of world architecture, Japanese architect Kengo Kuma presented to the
28 November 2016

Architectural Council has supported conservation of constructivist ATS in hotel project

“Architectural Bureau AI” has suggested reconstruction of existing
17 August 2016

A diagonal layout solution: Archcouncil reviewed a project by Ostozhenka

In the Setun floodplain near Aminevskoe highway a large mixed-use complex with Irina
25 November 2014

Industrial architecture of the post-industrial period

First up for discussion at a meeting of Archcouncil members on August
26 August 2014

Put in a good word for architecture: Architectural Council May 21

It does not happen very often — on all three issues discussed at the
01 June 2014

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